berthoud-drawing-1763_1_b_partWe endeavor to restore some of the non working watches and movements which are shown on this homepage or which are still unpublished. Unfortunately due to time constraints we are not able to work on them on a regular basis. We will publish the restoration progress as soon as it will be accomplished.

We do not have the possibility to fabricate complex, high precision pieces yet, but we have a big stock of period replacements. Where applicable we try to fabricate replacement pieces by hand.

The detailed descriptions of the new movements / watches and their makers shown here can be found in the respective sections, as soon as the pieces are completely restored.

Henry Massy, London, No. 3620, 1710


This movement was completely taken apart. Before reassembling it, all the axles and pivots have been cleaned. All wheels are present, just the chain and the balance is still lacking. Before adding the balance cock, we need to get a fitting screw.

The dial is original, but as the dial plate is missing, we need to manufacture that before continuing.

François(e) Caron, Paris, No. 365, 1760

CARON_RECONSTRUCTION_1_adjReceived in a plastic bag completely taken apart, we have cleaned all the components including axles and pivots and reassembled the whole movement, except the balance and the chain. The balance is present and in good order, but there is no fitting cock. As a next step we need to get the cock and a fitting chain to complete the movement.