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Our gratitude goes to the collectors who provide us with information of their collections and the content of their own research, museum curators, auction house experts, antiquarian horologists and watch dealers who are willing to share their knowledge of their beloved pieces.

Many different other sources have been used to gather as much information as possible about the watches, the movements, their makers and additional historical background. Our resource presents some of the most thoroughly researched horological pieces in private hands. To state the references in each describing text would disrupt the reading, so we decided to list our most important sources here (list is not exhaustive).

Historian in Horology:

Most pieces included in the English 18th century section as well as in the 19th century have been purchased from David Penney, an unequalled historian in horology who hosts his own website. Many of the descriptions of the acquired pieces include parts from the descriptions on David Penney’s homepage, these are indexed as (1) in the text for reference. The full description as well as additional information can be found when searching David Penney’s site for the respective makers and production numbers. Other important information not available elsewhere has been provided by David Penney through personal communication. Latter information is indexed as (2) for reference.

  1. David Penney;
  2. David Penney; personal communication

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Auction catalogues (online and hardcopies):

Bonhams, Sotheby’s, Christie’s, Antiquorum, Patrizzi, Crott, Chayette & Cheval, Drouot


Catalogues of major international watch exhibitions:

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Data bases and collection catalogues of major museums (online and hardcopies):

Louvre, Paris;   Breguet Museum, Paris;   British Museum, London;   International Watch Museum, La Chaux- de Fonds;   Patek Philippe Museum, Geneva;   Musée de l’horlogerie et de l’emaillerie, Geneva;   Watch Museum Château des Monts, Le Locle;   Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York;   Frick Collection, New York;   Swiss National Museum, Prangins and Zurich;   Breguet Museum, Zurich;   Watch Museum Beyer, Zurich


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